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16.09.2020, 04:42
What is Black-Box Security Testing?

In a black-box testing assignment, the penetration tester is placed in the role of the average hacker, with no internal knowledge of the target system. Testers are not provided with any architecture diagrams or source code that is not publicly available. A black-box penetration test determines the vulnerabilities in a system that are exploitable from outside the network.

This means that black-box penetration testing relies on dynamic analysis of currently running programs and systems within the target network. A black-box penetration tester must be familiar with automated scanning tools and methodologies for manual penetration testing. Black-box penetration testers also need to be capable of creating their own map of a target network based on their observations, since no such diagram is provided to them.

The limited knowledge provided to the penetration tester makes black-box penetration tests the quickest to run, since the duration of the assignment largely depends on the tester’s ability to locate and exploit vulnerabilities in the target’s outward-facing services. The major downside of this approach is that if the testers cannot breach the perimeter, any vulnerabilities of internal services remain undiscovered and unpatched.


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16.09.2020, 21:58
50 Euro ist viel zu wenig, aber das weisst du selbst.

16.09.2020, 22:15
Das weiss ich, aber Corona machts möglich ;)

09.11.2020, 02:55
1. was hat corona damit zu tun?
ein pen tester ist auch zu coronazeiten nicht arbeitslos....
2. für 50e mach ich nichtmal einen automatisierten Pentest